ll of us want to have a spacy and well-maintained house but it demands you to spend lots of money to revolutionize the look of your home. However, modernization has made it easy to change the look and save money. One of the trendiest ways to change ceilings is the installation of false ceilings. Many of the people call false ceiling contractors in Dubai and get their services for cheap. There are many interesting facts about false ceilings. Some of them are:

  1. False ceilings are way too lighter than conventional ceilings. That’s the reason why it is easier to replace than others.
  2. Conventional walls could not keep away sound from your rooms. You will suffer from outside noise all the time. However, gypsum board walls can work as soundproof walls if you mix it with rock-wood. Gypsum alone is not good in insulating sound like others. The combination will make it perfect for you.
  3. Many of us keep on ignoring the installation of the false ceiling but it is quite cheaper to install them than conventional ceilings. There is variety in the false ceiling according to price and materials; therefore, you can contact your favorite designer and change the look while keeping the wallet half-full.
  4. It takes days to construct ceilings and install them but false ceilings are constructed faster than conventional ones because of their lightweight. You can easily replace and remove them due to wire insulation and light-installation.
  5. Conventional ceilings can catch fire but false ceilings that are made of gypsum are nonflammable due to which they will keep your place away from fire. That’s the reason why they are ideal for homes and offices.
  6. False ceilings and gypsum board walls come in a variety of styles and colors that can a simple place into an attraction where you crave to sit and spend time.
  7. If your place is so much hot then the false ceiling is the gateway to make it cooler. They create a gap between the ceiling and terrace due to which less heat would reach your place and you can enjoy AC’s cool air more.
  8. The best part of the false ceiling is that they hide your wires and pipes. You don’t need to spend lots of money on painting walls if you have installed gypsum board walls at home.

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