Tips for cooking chicken breasts perfectly

Chicken breast is one of the favorite dishes for everyone in the house. But cooking this dish perfectly could be tricky as everyone want to have a moist and tender chicken breast instead of the one which is uncooked or overcooked, right? Chicken breasts can be cooked in various ways and you will find several delicious chicken breast recipes on internet. Whether you want to have a crispy fry chicken breast or the one with moist and juicy texture, for both cases you have to make sure that you are following the right steps which are essential to cook a delicious chicken breast. Following are some of the amazing tips which will definitely help you in making the most scrumptious chicken breast ever so let’s just get started.

Buy the fresh chicken breast

Well, this tip is very essential if you really want to impress your guests and family with an amazing chicken breast dish. Make sure that you are quite cautious while purchasing chicken breast and grab the one which is pink in color and having white fat. If you see any greyish color or yellow fat on the chicken then never purchase it. You can even check the freshness by touching the chicken breasts, if it spring back as soon as you remove your finger after pressing then this means that it is a fresh piece.

Soak the chicken breasts in brine

You must be thinking that what a brine is, right? Well it is term used for a simple salt water. This is the secret behind all those juicier chicken breasts you eat in a restaurant. Basically this brine prevents your chicken breasts from getting dried and it keep the chicken juicier till the end. The reason behind this trick is that, proteins of the chicken retain the moisture from this brine which keeps it soft and juicy. You can even add garlic or other spices in this brine for some aroma.

Purchase a digital thermometer

A lot of people remain confused while cooking chicken breast that whether it is perfectly cooked or not. This confusion might lead your chicken to be overcooked or remain undercooked, both of these situations are not desirable at all. Although you can guess the situation of your chicken breast by its color but a thermometer is the best choice to eliminate this confusion completely. All you have to do is invest on buying a digital thermometer and all your doubts will be gone.

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